Top Business Communication Platforms

When meeting in person is not a recommended choice, many businesses have to resort to online means of communication. While there are plenty of options to choose from, only a few meet the required demands.

With that in mind, here are some of the top business communication platforms that you can try today.


Slack is an all-time favorite of many organizations. It helps to boost team collaboration and can bring a group of people together for good communication. Most interactions occur in the channel, and a host can make and organize a meeting, project, topic, etc.

You can also review the conversations and check the history using the tools in Slack. It is relatively easy t understand and functions as an excellent communication platform for various businesses.


Highfive is a video conference platform based on cloud servers. This is also another great software for business communication through seamless and straightforward methods.

The platform has also won awards for the quality of its video conferences. You can quickly access the platform through any browser without having to download an additional file.


HipChat is a popular business communication platform that you can access from the web directly. This software is one of the most affordable options on the list. Despite its easy access, the platform still features all the necessary components that proper communication would need.

Many small businesses opt for HipChat because of its affordability and versatile options.


Over the years, Skype has become one of the top platforms for various communications, including businesses. It has options that include texting, voice calls, video calls, group calls, etc., which allow for an easier way to communicate between people.

Teams and staff can easily connect and share information. The software is also straightforward to learn and adjust.


LinkedIn counts as one of the best professional sites for networking and communication. Whether it’s hiring experts, contacting other businesses, or showcasing your own, this platform provides almost every feature that you’ll need as a business.

Due to its wide popularity, missing out on LinkedIn could mean losing the chance to connect with prominent companies.

With this platform, building and growing a business can feel almost effortless, and it also offers tons of functions to improve communications.


Not many people may know, but eyeson is an excellent tool for video meetings.

Whether it’s businesses, freelancers, company teams, etc., everyone can benefit from the high-quality features of eyeson. It includes SST (SingleStreamTechnology) patent, which allows more stable bandwidths.

Thus, if you want quick access, regular, and high-quality video meetings, eyeson could be viable.


Zoom is currently one of the highest utilized communication platforms. Due to its immense versatility and security, many schools, colleges, workplaces, etc., rely on Zoom to initiate classes, meetings, or projects with one another.

You don’t have to install any additional software except for the Zoom launcher. Once you register and start a meeting, more than 50 people can join and interact through video, audio, text, diagrams, screen sharing, or the other options that Zoom provides.

Zoom could be the better choice for any business looking towards an affordable and easy-to-use platform for communications.


Trello is another brilliant tool for project management and communication. If a business wants to develop project boards and spread the workload efficiently among teams, this software can make the works more accessible.

You can create appointments and structure a good task flow. The tool also gives the power to monitor projects and analyze each task. It is an excellent option for virtual team management.


Telegram has been around for a long time, but it still ranks among the top platforms for various communications.

Users can text, call, send documents, video chat, or create groups. They also get the option to send secret texts which expire within a set time limit.

Fuze Meeting

Fuze Meeting is a great software for business communications. Any device can access the meetings, and you can also integrate it with Google Calendar or Outlook.

High definition audios and videos, presentation facilities, multimedia sharing capabilities, etc., are some of the best features that you’ll find in Fuze Meeting.


For businesses that hope to have secure, private, and versatile interactions, Mattermost could be the most refined platform available. You can reach out to almost anyone with this platform, and it works along with other softwares to help the flow of organized work.