Largest Telecommunications Companies in the World

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At present, there are many telecommunication companies in the market. But only a few companies can maintain their position in the market or on the top. We all are using one or the other telecommunication service provider for different use. Many of these telecommunication companies which have held the top position are available in different countries. And there are few of them which are planning to expand their telecommunication business globally. The value and the position of these companies keep changing with time. Here, we are going to share the details of the few largest telecommunication companies in the world. Let’s see the names of these topmost telecommunication companies.

att telecommunications

AT &T Inc. – This telecommunication company is in the United States and is known as one of the largest telecommunication company. The headquarter of the company is in Texas, USA. Till date, the total market value of this company is $211.688 billion. This United States company provides voice services to around 200 countries. Other than that, it is also operating around 34,000 Wi-Fi hotspots. At present, it is providing services to around 355 million people. The company also expanded its ultra-fast internet service known as AT&T GigaPower in the United States in around 56 metropolitan locations. The company’s name was also mentioned in the Fortune 10 company.

Verizon Communications – After AT&T, you will get to hear about this telecommunication company a lot. This telecommunication company also holds a high position among the top telecommunication companies in the world. This is also a United States company which has it’s headquartered in New York. At present, the Verizon Communications market value is around $221.39. The company was started in the year 2000 because of the merger between GTE Corp and Bell Atlantic Corp. This time, Verizon is operating in more than 150 countries. A few years back, it completed the AOL acquisition.

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Vodafone Group Plc – This company has its headquarters in the United Kingdom. The market value of Vodafone Group Plc was around $48.39 in February 2019. The company has around 500 million mobile customers. Vodafone has acquired three companies in the past few years. The companies acquired by Vodafone Group Plc are Kabel Deutschland, Wireless Worldwide, and Ono. Users around the world are using this service to power all of their messaging, mobile web browsing and app usage. It allows users to access all of their social media apps like adult snapchat as well as dating apps like bumble and tinder. In the United Kingdom, Vodafone is one of the largest telecommunication companies. This telecommunication company is serving in around 26 countries at present.

Deutsche Telekom AG – This is one of the largest telecommunication company in Europe and comes among the top 10 telecommunication company in the world. The company is based out of Germany. The market value of this German Company Deutsche Telekom AG is around $81 billion. Around two-thirds of the revenue of this telecommunication company comes from the outside of Germany. The total number of mobile customers of this company are 168 million, fixed network line customers are around 28 million, and broadband customers are around 19 million. The company is trying to provide an efficient and best quality network, which will help fulfill the broadband needs in the future. At present, this telecommunication communication company is in 50+ countries. The company has been listed in the Forbes also among the other telecommunication companies. Also, the Deutsche Telecom company is the first company that has launched a Firefox Operating System Smartphone in the market.

China Mobile Ltd. – This China Based telecommunication company is counted among the top 5 telecommunication companies in the world. At present, the company has around 933 million customers. The total number of 4G customers are 705 million and wireline broadband customers are 154 million. The market value of China Mobile Ltd. in February 2019 was around $217.5 billion. In the past few years, the customer base of this telecommunication company has grown a lot.

Telefonica – This company is based in Spain. The market value of Telefonica is estimated at around $43.01 billion. Most of the customers of Telefonica are from Latin America only. At present, the company is providing service in 24 countries. The company targets a different audience by using its three different brands known as O2, VIVO, and Movistar. The company has different products also like data centers, mobility services, security services, and cloud computing.

There are many other telecommunication companies also which are leading in the global market. Like Orange, China Telecom, Softbank Group Corp., and many other companies.