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 Mobile Apps The mobile apps market is booming. Beyond just consumer use, mobile apps...

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Mobile Platform Mobile Platforms are an important element in the creation and distribution of mobile apps...

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Mobile Security As more and more enterprises go mobile and BYOD becomes the norm, the mobile...

Featured Articles

Outbound SMS Capabilities Added to Voxbone's Mobile DID Numbers
By: Joe Rizzo
Voxbone is a cloud communications company that enables telephony applications such as conferencing and contact centers to receive phone calls, text messages and faxes in 52 countries. The company's services are accessed through a Web portal where Voxbone services are then delivered over a private IP… - 01/28/2015
Appery.io Launches Enhancements to Streamline Mobile Development
By: Joe Rizzo
Exadel is a soft­ware en­gi­neering com­pany that of­fers custom de­vel­op­ment ser­vices with R&D cen­ters in North America and Eastern Europe. One of its products is Appery.io, created to allow developers to quickly develop apps with back-end services in the cloud using industry leading collaborat… - 01/27/2015
The Spies Inside Your Phone
By: TMCnet Special Guest
You just had a flat tire along a dark country road. Luckily, you downloaded a flashlight app for your smartphone and now can put it to use. But that flashlight, handy as it is, may be just one of many doors you unwittingly opened to let spies take up residence inside your phone. Most free flashlight… - 01/27/2015
Amazon Pulling Beta Version of Wallet App
By: Oliver VanDervoort
When it comes to Amazon, the company doesn't seem to make that many mistakes. One apparent mistake it did make was attempting to get into the mobile wallet market. The company announced late last week that it will be pulling the plug on its mobile wallet app on Wednesday. It makes sense that Amazon … - 01/26/2015
HID Global Looks at 2015 in Secure Identity
By: Steve Anderson
2015 is still a very young year, no matter how you choose to look at it. We're just a little better than three weeks in, and so it's not out of line to see predictions about the upcoming year still arriving for us to consider. HID Global, a major name in secure identity, brought its own breed of pre… - 01/23/2015