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Featured Articles

Facebook Makes Messenger Mandatory
By: Melissa Warten
In the near future, Facebook plans to stop allowing users to access the messaging function in its main iPhone and Android app, and force them instead to download the standalone Facebook Messenger app. The switch was first required of European users back in April, and after receiving positive results… - 07/29/2014
BlackBerry Lands Secusmart to Double Down on Security
By: Steve Anderson
While BlackBerry's fortunes of late have been steadily on the decline, there's one point that's hard to deny. BlackBerry has always traded on the strength of its security, and even today, it's still one of the strongest platforms out there when it comes to fending off intruders. With that knowledge … - 07/29/2014
Certain Debuts Built in Mobile App for Event Marketers
By: Raju Shanbhag
Certain Inc., has unveiled new built-in mobile app capability that helps marketers and event managers deliver personalized mobile experience for each attendee. Apart from eliminating the risk of data synchronization issues, the marketers and event managers will also have a new tool in hand that enab… - 07/29/2014
Maker of Xmax Fixed and Mobile Broadband Solution Wins Second Army Subcontract
By: Madhubanti Rudra
xG Technology, a company known for its patented IP technology asset, xMax, is going to provide communications and network services to the U.S. army as a sub contractor for CACI. This is second time in past couple of months that the company announced winning a subcontract from CACI on one of its majo… - 07/29/2014
Samsung Delays Tizen OS Launch
By: Gary Kim
Samsung is delaying its Tizen launch, citing the lack of a sufficiently-robust applications ecosystem as reason for the postponement. The delay suggests, as one might have expected, that Samsung has so far failed to attract a critical mass of application developers for its Tizen hardware. - 07/29/2014