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Mobile Apps

 Mobile Apps The mobile apps market is booming. Beyond just consumer use, mobile apps...

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Mobile Platform Mobile Platforms are an important element in the creation and distribution of mobile apps...

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Mobile Security As more and more enterprises go mobile and BYOD becomes the norm, the mobile...

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Wheelings & Dealings: Google Acquires Cloud Service Startup Firebase
By: Clayton Hamshar
Firebase cited the complementary nature of the two companies' products and missions as a main benefit of the acquisition. Firebase now has an opportunity to scale the service to a greater set of users with the help of Google's engineering talent, resources and technical infrastructure. On the other … - 10/30/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: New Call Acquires Majority Stake in Messaging App Nimbuzz
By: Michael Guta
Since the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, messaging platforms have been a hot commodity, which has resulted in several acquisitions. The latest deal involves Nimbuzz, a messaging app with more than 200 million users around the world, with most of them located in India. While the company was not… - 10/29/2014
A Look into Apple Pay's Security
By: Lavanya Rathnam
Apple Pay is touted as one of the most secure payment systems available today because it uses contactless technology. It has been marketed as a safe replacement for wallets and credit cards, at a time when many prominent U.S. companies such as Target and Home Depot have faced major-and public-hackin… - 10/29/2014
YouTube Kicks Off Live Streaming from Android
By: Tara Seals
YouTube is entering the world of live broadcasting in a bigger way with a new capability for developers, dubbed YouTube WatchMe, to build streaming directly into their Android mobile apps. - 10/29/2014
Five Issues Not-for-Profits Must Consider When Developing an App
By: Clayton Hamshar
Mobile apps serve as a more convenient and feature-laden method of accessing Internet content and tools, and at their core they are simply a specialized form of software. As a result non-profit app developers must consider many of the same issues that other software developers do, with the addition … - 10/29/2014