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 Mobile Apps The mobile apps market is booming. Beyond just consumer use, mobile apps...

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Mobile Platform Mobile Platforms are an important element in the creation and distribution of mobile apps...

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Mobile Security As more and more enterprises go mobile and BYOD becomes the norm, the mobile...

Featured Articles

Video Streaming App Adds Support for GoPro Cameras
By: Clayton Hamshar
The video streaming service Hang w/ (pronounced "hang with") just released an update for the iOS version of its app that adds support for live streaming from a connected GoPro camera. Hang w/ is a self-proclaimed "experiment in social media" aiming to merge live video with simultaneous chat in respo… - 12/17/2014
Forrester Studies Impact of Mocana Atlas App Security Platform
By: Casey Houser
The Mocana Atlas platform provides businesses with a shell of security for their mobile apps while providing ease of access to those apps for end users. It allows users to take advantage of businesses' back-end systems through their mobile devices while also having protection from multiple levels of… - 12/16/2014
New Survey Shows Increase Dependence on Mobile Devices
By: Oliver VanDervoort
While most people probably assumed people throughout the world are becoming ever more dependent on their devices, a new study brings to light just how dependent they are becoming. In particular, industry analyst Deloitte says that Americans are becoming increasingly more obsessed with their devices … - 12/15/2014
Mobile Enterprise Application Use Increasing Quickly
By: Oliver VanDervoort
Mobile enterprise applications are gaining interest across North America, according to industry analyst Frost & Sullivan. On its face, this is hardly a revelation, when you consider that mobile applications in general are being used so often in the consumer and business world that mobile application… - 12/15/2014
Amazon's E-Card App, Surprise! Launches
By: Oliver VanDervoort
With the Holiday season here, more people than ever are avoiding the checkout lines by using mobile and desktop Internet shopping. Amazon is attempting to get in on the popularity of Internet shopping with the launch of a brand new mobile app called Surprise! This particular application deals with e… - 12/15/2014