45 Percent of Large Companies Struggling with Mobile Platform

Mobile Users Play Favorites with Certain Apps

Multi-Factor Authentication: Taking a Closer Look

SAP and Esri Help Customers with Real-Time Geospatial Context


Mobile Apps

 Mobile Apps The mobile apps market is booming. Beyond just consumer use, mobile apps...

Mobile Platform

Mobile Platform Mobile Platforms are an important element in the creation and distribution of mobile apps...

Mobile Security

Mobile Security As more and more enterprises go mobile and BYOD becomes the norm, the mobile...

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Mobile Market Week in Review: Google, SAP, Homes.com
By: David Delony
The mobile market continues to evolve so much each week that it's hard to keep track of what's going on. Here are some of the top stories we've been following. - 10/25/2014
ATTO Adapters Now Support the New Apple Operating System
By: Meenakshi Shankar
Currently, demand is high for storage and network connectivity solutions. ATTO Technology is a company specializing in storage and network connectivity as well as infrastructure solutions for nearly twenty five years. The company has been enabling solutions in the Mac market too for this many years.… - 10/24/2014
Security Top Priority for Access Networks
By: David Delony
Infonetics surveyed purchase decision-makers at 163 large and medium-sized companies in the U.S. and Canada about their wireless connectivity plans over the next two years. - 10/24/2014
Verizon Readies Cash Infusion for Flint Mobile Payment Service
By: Steve Anderson
Mobile payments are an increasingly large part of the mobile market in general, and with good reason; serving as both a nexus for mobile shopping and for regular brick-and-mortar shopping, the sheer versatility of mobile payment systems makes it hard to pass up. It certainly made for a difficult pro… - 10/24/2014
Homes.com Updates its Mobile Platform with a Brand New Look and Feel
By: Matt Paulson
Users searching for homes, apartments and other real estate can now turn to the recently remodeled and re-launched Homes.com app, immediately available on iOS and Android devices. - 10/24/2014