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Mobile Apps

 Mobile Apps The mobile apps market is booming. Beyond just consumer use, mobile apps...

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Mobile Platform Mobile Platforms are an important element in the creation and distribution of mobile apps...

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Mobile Security As more and more enterprises go mobile and BYOD becomes the norm, the mobile...

Featured Articles

Well-known App Store Receives a House Cleaning
By: Casey Houser
A well-known app store has found itself criticized as of late for the abundance of misleading and generally spam-ridden apps users have found throughout its ranks. Now, the company in charge of that repository is making good on its promise to clean things up. - 09/02/2014
America Movil in Selling Mood
By: Gary Kim
America Movil, Latin America's largest mobile services provider, has hired Bank of America Corp. to sell enough communications assets to reduce its market share in Mexico below 50 percent. - 09/02/2014
Smartphone Owners Demand Reliable Mobile Broadband Service
By: Michael Guta
For a growing number of consumers the smartphone has become the only communication device they use in their home, and as BYOD initiatives continue to increase in adoption by businesses, it is also being used at the office and as an integral part of the remote mobile workforce. This demand now requir… - 09/02/2014
Mobility is Changing the Way We do Business - Are You Ready?
By: Susan J. Campbell
With all the talk surrounding mobility as of late, the assumption could easily be made that every professional has the tools he or she needs to be active on the road. Unfortunately, too many companies are still cobbling together their mobility strategies, between Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) attempt… - 09/02/2014
Mobile Market Portal Week in Review
By: Steve Anderson
The exploding growth of mobile devices all but guarantees that every week will be a big week in the mobile market, and this week proved absolutely no exception. With apps, security, and the various mobile platforms to consider, there's just no stopping this major market. Now that we've got a long we… - 08/30/2014