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Featured Articles

Duolingo Reveals "Test Center" Certification App
By: Melissa Warten
If you want to walk the walk, you have to be able to talk the talk-and if you're trying to make your way in an English-speaking work force or education system as a non-native speaker, talking the talk can be difficult. Luckily, Duolingo has developed a new resource. - 07/24/2014
LINE Introduces Hidden Chats
By: Melissa Warten
Secrets, secrets, they're no fun, unless they're shared with…whoever you want for however long you want to? That's not how the old adage goes. But with a new app from LINE, your messages can be as secret as you want them to be. - 07/24/2014
MobileIron Announces Japanese Availability of MobileIron Cloud
By: Anil Sharma
MobileIron, a major player in enterprise mobility management (EMM), has launched MobileIron Cloud, the next-generation cloud solution for enterprise mobility management (EMM), in Japan. - 07/23/2014
Golden Gekko Gets Trusted Status from App Quality Alliance
By: Rahul Arora
Golden Gekko, the mobile application solution branch of the DMI family, recently announced that App Quality Alliance (AQuA), an organization supporting quality app development, has recently granted Trusted Status to the company, after assessing and validating its services and QA practices. As a trus… - 07/23/2014
Fonix Mobile Deploys Alert Logic Threat Manager with ActiveWatch
By: Jyothi Shanbhag
London-based SMS messaging and mobile payment billing company, Fonix Mobile, was looking out for a solution that could give clear insight into the threats and vulnerabilities affecting the company's environment. - 07/23/2014